Bare MIC6 Metal Simple 880R3 XY Upgrade

Bare XY upgrade Printrbot Simple Metal.

Bare Metal! With a little more DIY!


The highly-anticipated XY build volume upgrade is back by popular demand. This time, with style! This upgrade kit contains everything you need to increase the X-axis and Y-axis build volume to 8 inches, respectively, on your Metal Simple. This kit is designed for easy installation in a straight bolt-on application. Machined into the bottom surface of the included printer bed is a recessed pocket to accommodate heated bed PCB's up to 8.435" x 8.435" (214.2mm x 214.2mm)1. The truss design further reduces weight over the legacy 880 XY upgrade kits. The MIC6 cast and precision CNC machined Aluminum plate provides unparalleled flatness!

The Y axis extension plate is now printed. You can find the files here or over on our downloads page!


Your kit contains:

  • (1) Lightweight printer bed CNC machined from 1/4" MIC6 Aluminum plate for superior flatness which includes a recessed pocket for heated bed PCB's
  • (1) Set of belt tensioning clamps
  • (2) Lengths of GT2 timing belt (for the X and Y axes)
  • (4) Precision ground hardened steel rods (2 for X-axis, 2 for Y-axis)
  • All necessary fasteners

*not shown in pictures* 64 sq. in. of high heat adhesive (to mount heated PCB in recessed pocket) and new thermistor channel*

Select "8810 XYZ Bundle" (880R3 and Z10 Upgrades) from the drop down list to receive a discount on all the upgrades needed to take your machine's envelope to 8"x8"x10"


***IMPORTANT NOTICE: There are variations of the Z10 kit available for different models of the printer. When purchasing the 8810 XYZ Bundle, please see the product page here to distinguish which printer model you have and please make note of it in the "add a note" section of the checkout!***


1Many companies advertise heated PCB's as being 8" (for example), yet they are actually larger than advertised. Be sure that the nominal size of the heated PCB is less than 8.433" (214.2mm) to ensure compatibility with the 880R3 XY upgrade.


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$174.49 CAD

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