About Us

Our Focus
To produce high quality, professional grade components for the 3D printing community

Our Mission
To bring this community into your home office

After a short time away, Matrix Precision AI is back and even more prepared to provide the 3D printing community with beautifully machined products!

Matrix Precision AI develops creative 3D printing peripherals and hardware and aims to contribute to the ever-growing 3D printing community. Entirely fueled by the advances and trends within the community and the ideas of its members, we manufacture and machine professional and powerful products using 3D modeling techniques. Research is constantly underway at Matrix Precision AI in order to determine what the 3D printing community needs and lacks. Our expertise along with continuous input from the world of 3D printing allows us to contribute to the growing 3D printing industry. We are extremely open to feedback and communication, so feel free to shoot us an e-mail.

We work and live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and serve customers throughout North America (please contact us for intercontinental shipping rates). Dedicated to sourcing materials from North America, Matrix Precision AI enjoys being able to contribute to local economy.